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I found this thread of reviews by mistake, while Googling "Catholic Match" looking for a CM iPhone app. I found these reviews disturbing, and thought I'd throw my two cents into the collection plate.

Let's start with the basics. First, I'm a divorced Catholic man, age 55. I was raised in a CONSERVITIVE CATHOLIC family, was an altar boy, a lector and attended Catholic high school. I also consider myself a moderate Catholic - I'm a true "5/7" to borrow a phrase from one of the other reviewers.

I am also looking for someone who is close to my own age, and have no desire to have any more children, as I already have three. I have never been berated for my divorced status, my weak faith, being "damaged goods, or having poor morals by anybody on CM. Perhaps that's because I'm a guy, and my expectations are - IMHO - realistic. It seems to me that most of the issues and complaints here are from people who hang around the CM chat group and forum.

And that may be the problem. The vast majority of chat groups and forums are nothing more than troll magnets. If you are spending much time on ANY forum or chat room, and you're looking for anything beyond vitriol and elevated blood pressure, you are wasting your time. It is a safe bet that the majority of the ugly *** cited by these reviewers was posted to the CM forum with the SOLE intent of *** people off, getting a reaction and baiting them into conflict.

And apparently it worked as intended. I've never spent a second on the CM forum. My time and peace of mind are too valuable to me. Save your time.

Save your sanity. Stay off the forums - all of them. As for CM as a dating site, I have met a few women that I liked there in the past eight months. No "sparks" yet.

I have yet to run across an obvious "fish" profile, or one that is a clear scam - unlike other sites that I subscribe to (and, no, I'm not interested in dating you, even if you really do work at the Nigerian Embassy). The only knock against the site is that there just aren't that many women subscribers on CM in my part of Northern California. Otherwise, it is a decent dating site. As for the "intrusive" questions about issues such as premarital sex and human life - I have found the information helpful, as I want to find someone who's thoughts and values line up with my own.

I'm looking for a 5/7, as I'm one myself.

And, BTW, that DOES make me a "Cafeteria Catholic," as these matters (contraception, human life and premarital sex, to name a few of the biggies) ARE settled Catholic Catechism, and are indeed part of the official teaching of the Church. That they are debated among some of the faithful is beside the point.

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Eh. With all due respect, if you're a man and only surfing into women's profiles, you're not seeing the really degrading things many men say about women within their profiles.

And if you're a man, you're also probably not getting degrading come-ons from men on the site who are twice your age. No, it's not just a "chat room" problem, as you say. It's a systemic issue that is deeply entrenched in Catholic Match--probably because most of the higher-ups on the site share similar viewpoints about women, men, and sexual relationships.

These aren't open-minded, generous, and spiritually sane Catholics. They're twisted.

But anyway, good luck in your search!

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