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From the start a Website that says it's "catholic" and it's very expensive and you Have to pay even to send messages is not that "catholic" at all but a fake. Big business and most dating average sites Have then more ethical to let the ladies don't pay or let one of the members interested in each other not to pay. The worst, the members don't write even if a beauty true catholic never married lady is there. Or a man. From my experience i met a... Read more

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I believe these people are scammers. I signed up for $1 for the first month and cancelled within a few weeks. They took the full subscription amount of A$37 from my credit card for the next 2 months. Had to contact my bank to retrieve the funds. I believe they put up false profiles to attract you and when you contact the person you won't receive an answer. Stay away from this website. When you cancel your account they will not necessarily... Read more

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I was on CM for about a year from about January 2012-January 2013 when the subscription ran out. In that time I met one great guy who wasn't a match because he was too young but we met as friends. However, most of the guys who contacted me were trashy. I wanted a never married, childless man seeking marriage and the majority who contacted me were much older and many were divorced (not annulled) and had kids. I would get emails asking me about... Read more

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My mother paid for a membership for me that would last eight months. Not one man attempted to contact me for a date and it left me wondering how many other women went through this. If I had contacted on my own they would just end up blocking me. I would not recommend this website at all to anybody. Seems like this website really just wants your money, and provides no date. Good luck in getting any form of date from anybody. It took them three... Read more

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I paid for my daughter's membership on the site for 6 months in hope she'd meet a nice guy with some Christian values and morals. She met a guy who claimed on the site he believed in "abstinence" but guess what...the *** pressured her into having sex (she was 26 years old and still a virgin), and he didn't even have the decency to use protection. He told her it would make their relationship "stronger." She was very gullible and went along... Read more

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The guy who runs this site, Brian Barcaro, is a piece of work. He removes the profiles of people who disagree with his business practices or question anything about Catholic Match's policies. Men, however, are allowed to send truly degrading messages to women, and he never does anything. He is irrationally insecure when anyone ever suggests that CM has a profit motive. I don't understand why this steams him so much -- of course it has a profit... Read more

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Hi. I want to know why you said that you cant provide me the Dating service from your company? You cqn keep the money i just want the reason before i start a Investigation & Lawsuit. I am a Catholic,i have received my First Communion & Confirmation. My phone number#786-804-1821 You can contact me at anytime!!!!

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It would be nice if CatholicMatch were like J-Date--a good and fun way to bring people of the same faith together. Instead, the site is fosters divisive attitudes among Catholics and condones racist, intolerant, and misogynistic behavior. The problem, in part, is made evident when you first join: you are made to fill out a highly personal questionnaire about which Church “teachings” you accept and which ones you do not. You must answer “yes” or... Read more

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I wish to find out if women can view the men's profile and contact the person they would like to communicate with and submit their profile to that person without having every person looking at their profile. This way it remains private.i If this is not the way it's done I request it should be considered by catholic match for the future. Thankd

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What a Poorly managed site. Numerous times I made requests to be removed from their EMAIL list with NO satisfaction.

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